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Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Grünvogel

+49 221 8275-2526
stefan.gruenvogel (at) th-koeln.de

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Burst trajectory of 500 balls

Research and Teaching

Computer Animation and Computer Science is one of the subject areas of the Institute of Media and Imaging Technology (IMP) at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. We research and teach in the area of computer animation and mathematics. A special research focus is on the user experience and design of interactive systems like computer games and virtual and augmented reality.

As the topic computer animation is closely related to computer graphics we actively cooperate with the Computer Graphics Group. We share two motion capture systems and jointly initiate and supervise bachelor and master projects.
Motion Capturing Studio

Motion capturing

The Motion Capturing Studio at the Cologne University of Applied Science is run and shared by the Computer Animation Group, the Computer Graphics Group and the Cologne Game Lab. It consists of 24 Infrared cameras together with a pool of technical equipment for virtual environments (like e.g. VR-goggles and 3D projection technology).

Our interest lies in the analysis of the recorded movements and in the reuse of these movements for interactive applications, like e.g. virtual prototyping or previsualistion for movies.