Our research is focussing on computer animation for interactive systems like computer games and virtual and augmented reality applications.

Our current research topics are:

  • Application of motion capturing for virtual and augmented reality scenarios in large physical spaces.
  • Analysis and reuse of recorded human motion for interactive applications, like e.g. virtual prototyping or previsualisation for movies.
  • Motion capturing database interfaces.
  • Evaluation of user experience and design processes for interactive systems.

Older research topics have been:

  • Formal models: Can we find formal models to describe games, to tell stories, to understand flow and dramaturgy – and if we can find them, will anybody use them?
  • Aesthetics of mathematics: What is aesthetics of mathematics; can it be measured and if yes: how; is there way support mathematicians by enhancing the aesthetic experience?


LIVE is a Research Project in the 6th Framework of the EU IST.
The central idea of LIVE is to create novel intelligent content production methods and tools for interactive digital broadcasters to stage live media events such as the 2008 Olympic Games. For the professional user staging live media events means creating a nonlinear multi-stream video show in real-time, which changes due to the interests of the consumer (end user). To allow for that we have to set up an intelligent media framework and develop a knowledge and tool kit for an intelligent live content production process including dynamic human annotation and automated real-time annotation.
Our main tasks was the development of methodologies, workflows and formalisms for staging and content creation and interaction techniques for human annotation and feedback