Dynamic character animations

Stefan M. Grünvogel (2003) In: International Journal of Intelligent Games & Simulation , 2 (2) , pp. 11-19 Abstract For creating real-time animations of 3D characters we introduce an animation engine for the dynamic creation of motions with motion models.

Scripting Choreographies

Stefan M. Grünvogel and Stephan Schwichtenberg (2003) In: Rist, T., Aylett, R., Ballin, D. and Rickel, J. (edt.), IVA 2003 – Fourth International Working Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 2792, pp. 170-174, Springer Verlag

A System for Creating Simple Character Behaviours

Stefan M. Grünvogel and Stephan Schwichtenberg (2003) In: Mehdi, Q. and Gough, N. (edt.), Game-On 2003 – Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation, pp. 180-184, EUROSIS Publication Abstract We introduce a real-time character animation system which is currently

30 Years of Gravity

Stefan M. Grünvogel, Richard Wages and Benno Grützmacher (2003)
In: Proceedings of the LEVEL UP: First International Digital Games Research Conference – DIGRA 2003