Kristoffer Waldow, Arnulph Fuhrmann, Stefan M. Grünvogel (2018)
In: IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), Tuebingen/Reutlingen, Germany, 2018, pp. 717-718.



For locomotion in virtual environments (VE) the method of redirected
walking (RDW) enables users to explore large virtual areas
within a restricted physical space by (almost) natural walking. The
trick behind this method is to manipulate the virtual camera in an
user-undetectable manner that leads to a change of his movements.
If the virtual camera is manipulated too strong then the user recognizes
this manipulation and reacts accordingly. We studied the effect
of human perception of RDW under the influence of the level of
realism in rendering the virtual scene.

Do Textures and Global Illumination Influence the Perception of Redirected Walking Based on Translational Gain?
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