Stefan M. Grünvogel, Thorsten Lange and Jens Piesk (2002)
In: Navazo, I. and Slusallek, P. (edt.), Eurographics 2002, Short Presentations , pp. 196-175


Real-time animation of virtual characters is a demanding task. We propose dynamic motion models which can create the motion of a virtual character in different styles and have the ability to change the animation while it is played. The motions are created by blending and changing given base motions which contain animation data and additional information. The blending and manipulation operations on the animation data build up a motion tree whic h can be altered dynamically in real-time. This allows to change the animation of a motion model while its animation is played. Motion trees of different motion models are blended together to build a motion tree which represents the complete animation of the character. This tree is constructed and dynamically changed according to user commands.

Dynamic Motion Models
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