Stefan M. Grünvogel (2002)
In: Mehdi, Q., Gough, N. and Cavazza, M. (edt.), Game-On 2002 – Third International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation, pp. 37-46, SCS Europe Bvba


F or creating real-time animations of 3D characters we introduce motion models, which model a certain kind of motion like walk or wave. Each motion model has its own set of parameters controlling the specific characteristics of a motion. These parameters can be changed while a motion model is executed, thus this allows a change of the characteristics of a motion in real-time. The motion models produce animations by applying operators on short clips of animation and blending the results together. The parameters of the motion model determine the operators and the animation clips which are used to create the appropriate animation.

Generating Dynamic Motions for Articulated Figures
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